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Hot Tubs, Saunas, Walking trails.  Lots to enjoy...


Salt Water Hot Tub

7 Person Hot tub overlooking the ocean and 20,000 acres of protected forest.  That's the experience of soaking in the main hot tub.  Easy on your skin and thanks to the salt system, nearly chemical free.

Infared Sauna

Our EMF free carbon fiber heated sauna is the perfect way to start or end your day.  Spend 40 mins in here for peak impact.  Finish with a cold dip in the pond or shower.


Private bath tubs

With 3 private baths to choose from you are in heaven if you love long soaks under the stars or indoors.

Walking trails

We are about a mile on foot from an old growth redwood park and a few short mins form some of the best hikes on the west coast.


Yoga Deck

30 x 50 yoga and sun bathing platform sits next to the pond.  Get your solar recharge on.

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