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Medicine Wheel

Retreat Center & Healing Sanctuary
Occidental, CA

Founded in 2020 By Jonathan Pinkston L.AC. MSOM

Medicine Wheel's named is a nod to his Cherokee ancestry,  the mysticism of the 4 directions cosmology and the circular 90' mandala garden that exists on the land.

We hope to cary the legacy of our local Pomo culture forwards into the present day, honoring the things that have come before and what is blooming ahead.


A Retreat Center
A Way of Life


Hosting personalized retreats, group trainings and one-on-one healing sessions.


Just 20 mins west of Sebastopol, our property overlooking the Pacific Ocean, was once a native Pomo village site.  After thousands of years of human settlement here, we hope to be a beacon of light in a changing world.  With a 1,000sqft main teaching loft and access to 60,000 acres of neighboring protected land, we are a perfect launching point into your next retreat.


Come feel it for yourself, this is a special place to be.

(Medicine Wheel is a Permited Sonoma Vaction Rental)



Pancha Karma

1-5 days (1-3 people)​

  • 1-3 day Ayurvedic reset

  • Lymph Massage, Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Structural integration.

  • Suana, herbal bath, hot/cold therapy

  • 2 customized vegetarian meals a day

  • Comfortable onsite private accommodations


Solo Retreat + Optional bodywork


Health Retreat

looking to reset and recharge in nature with modern amenities?

We offer daily, weekly & monthly options for you to stay in one of our private retreat spaces.



Pancha Karma

4 -12 people

Interested in teaching a residential retreat?


we offer space for your daytime or overnight trainings.


Bodywork, Yoga, Meditation, Wildcrafting, Herbalism, Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine to name a few

Book a Workshop

or training

Located on 20 acres
with a natural spa oasis


Integrative Health Care Treatments

Pick your ideal combo of personal space and treatment.

Offerings available at the center:

  • Acupunture & Medical Qi Gong

  • Ayurvedic Lymph Massage

  • Chiroptratic and Structural Integration​​

  • Cranial Sacral and Sound healing

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Private one-on-one yoga therapy

(Sessions booked by the day or hour)



Our Main Retreat Temple can house 4 - 8 people overnight
with 12-15 daytime guests.  For larger groups, please reach out for options.
(Medicine Wheel is a Permited Sonoma Vaction Rental)
Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 4.03.58 PM.png

Top Bedroom

Oak view Room


Bay View Room

Lower Bedroom

We can accommodate 20-30 person retreats working with our local partners

Site Amenities

  • Natural swim pond

  • Salt water 105'  hot tub

  • Infrared Sauna

  • 20 acres of hiking trails

  • 90' Mandala Learning Garden

  • Beautiful 4,000sqft retreat temple house

  • 2 Acre outdoor Ceremonial Site with large fire pit

  • Full kitchen with commercial sinks, Wolf Range and teaching island

  • 3 private Claw foot tubs

  • 1,000 sqft Teaching room

  • Easy hike old growth redwoods

  • close to ocean and state parks

  • Fiber Internet

  • Projector and sound system


In Fall 2023 we are offering the following rates:

Personal retreat:

  • $150-200/day depending on accommodations

  • optional treatments booked by the hour

  • optional 1-2 meals/day customized for you 


Pancha Karma Ayurvedic Healing Retreats:

  • Single person: $800/day with housing

  • Single Person, 4 Hands: $1,000/day with housing

  • 2 people 4 Hands: $1600/day with housing

  • 3+ day discount 20% off

Group day use:  Booked case by case

message with your inquiry

Whole property overnight Retreats:

  • 4-10 People: $700/day

  • For 10+ person gathering reach out for rates

  • (Additional Cleaning Fees may apply)

Food for events per day:

  • Full catering: $50/person


Book With us for 2024

Interested in learning more?

Please let us know what you'd like to join us for:


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